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Phone Conference

For current clients: 45 minute conference via phone or GoToMeeting with parents or other medical team members to discuss plan of care. HIPPA privacy regulations enforced.  Please sign and return the Authorization Form prior to scheduling phone conference. read more

Nutrition Package Plan

This is the most popular option for people who have big goals or who need to lose or gain more than 5 pounds.  Meeting real nutrition goals takes commitment, time, and lots of support. Invest in yourself by committing to a package of 1 initial appointment and 3 follow... read more

“I really learned a lot on how to manage meals throughout my day and that living an active life we need smaller meals every two hours or so. I find this true. I get hungry every two hours. I've learned to listen to my body and eat when I'm hungry and to not deprive myself of things I crave. Moderation is key. Portion control is key.”

-Principal Dancer with San Francisco Ballet

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