For school or company directors: Purchaser is granted limited distribution rights of copyrighted materials to be photocopied or e-mailed to parents and students.    Materials may not be published or shared on a public web site or public social media.  It is meant to be shared internally.

More than 50 recipes and inspirational quotes in addition to beautifully designed handouts and information sheets on a variety of topic areas such as Protein Needs of Dancers, Energy Balance, Bone Health, Superfoods for Dancers, Breakfast Ideas, Hydration, Snack Ideas, Eating Gluten Free, and others. 

Contains the Real Dancers Eat section that features leading dancers from major companies talking about how healthy eating has made a difference in their careers. 

Contains delicious recipes and snack ideas from real dancers designed to fuel the unique needs of dancers. 

This is the book I wish I had when I was a young dancer.   This is also a way to help those in dance leadership positions broach the subjects of food, weight, and performance.   Each page is designed to be shared.   Excellent resource for directors or teachers to copy and share with their students and parents.

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