How do I find out more about nutrition counseling services and see if it’s a good fit for me or my child?
Please contact Emily to discuss your unique needs.  Nutrition counseling and the creation of individual Eating Guides are both very individualized processes.  Some needs are easily met with online meetings and some are best met in person.  Emily can help you decide.
What are the dietitian’s areas of expertise and what is her educational background?
Emily is a former professional ballet dancer.   She now has a Bachelor of Science and Master of Science degrees in Nutrition from Georgia State University.  Her Master’s thesis was a research study on elite level ballet dancers.   She is a registered licensed dietitian and has completed additional training in several areas.  Her areas of expertise are in weight management, nutrition for athletic performance, wellness, food allergies, celiac disease, and disordered eating.    She sees clients for these nutritional concerns in person and through web based nutrition counseling.  She does not do eating disorder counseling via the web and strongly recommends that clients struggling with eating disorders be treated in person by a trained dietitian and treatment team.
How do I schedule an appointment?
Please check with Emily to find about upcoming availability and scheduling.  Days and times vary, but daytime, evening and weekend appointments are available.
What programs do you use for meetings or nutrition analysis with long-distance clients?
Emily uses GoToMeeting which allows video conferencing and screen sharing. Clients work with Emily on personalized three page Eating Guides, recipes, snack ideas, resources, handouts, visuals, graph, etc.   Emily is also available by phone and e-mail.   Optional Nutrition Analysis and additional client support is provided through a program called NutriTiming which allows the dietitian and the client to work together to fine-tune nutrition and eating plans.   NutriTiming is a separate program from a separate company and there are additional fees for their services.   More information available.
Are there pre-designed generalized Eating Guides or Diet Plans that you can e-mail me without scheduling an appointment?
At this time, Eating Guides are personalized and made with the unique needs of the client in mind.   For generalized nutrition for dancers, handouts, sample plans, snack lists, and recipes please download the Companion Book “Nutrition for Great Performances”.   Please consult a health care professional before making big changes to make sure they are right for you.  The NGP Resource Book is not intended as medical advice.
Can I show the DVD to a large group of dancers?
The DVD is intended to be shown to groups of dancers.  When you buy the Director’s Package you are allowed the rights to show this copyrighted material to your dancers at your specific studio or company.   Making copies of the DVD with the intention to distribute is not allowed and is considered copyright infringement.
Can I reproduce the handouts in the Companion Book to give to my students/ parents/ company members?
All materials are copyrighted and cannot be distributed without permission.   However,  with the purchase of the Director’s Package, you buy the rights to copy and distribute the handouts or recipes to your dancers at your specific studio/ company.   You are allowed to send a PDF of the handouts to your private parent e-mail list but you may not post content to your public web site.  Many hours went into these handouts.
Can I reprint your work on my blog/ website/ newsletter?
All materials are copyrighted and rights to distribute are limited.   Please contact Emily if you would like to share some information on a page you manage to obtain permission prior to posting.
Do you have some recipes or snack ideas that you can e-mail me?
Recipes, snack ideas and much more are all in the Companion Book “Nutrition for Great Performances” which you can purchase and download here.
Are you available to do Nutrition Workshops or Food Demos in person?
Yes. Emily does nutrition workshops and food demos for dance schools, companies, colleges, universities, sororities, gymnastics gyms, and cheerleading groups.   Please contact Emily to receive an information packet.
I am a student doing a school paper or report, will you answer some questions for me or can I interview you?
Emily loves to encourage students to explore nutrition.  She is available for interview by appointment only.
I am writing a nutrition article for a magazine can I interview you as an expert source?
Emily is frequently interviewed as a nutrition expert for dance publications. Contact her to ask about availability.
How long will it take to receive the hard copy of the DVDs and/ or Companion Book?
All DVDs and professionally printed, spiral bound copies of the Companion book will be shipped via USPS.  There is a flat shipping fee.  All orders will be processed and shipped within 3 days of receiving payment.   Shipping time depends on location.  Currently we are unable to process International orders.  Digital downloads are available.

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