Key Nutritional Info

Dancers are performing athletes. The dance world is a highly competitive environment in which dancers are expected to perform at high levels of physical fitness, and choreographic demands continue to increase as this art form becomes progressively more athletic.

Being competitive in the dance world takes educated nutrition expertise to maximize performance, maintain a healthy strong weight, and increase muscle mass, decrease body fat percentage, and reduce injuries. Poor eating habits, restrictive, or inadequate energy intake have actually been shown to increase body fat percentage, decrease athletic performance, and increase injury rates. Knowing what foods to eat and understanding meal/ snack timing will make a tremendous difference. Access to quality nutrition information by a registered dietitian who knows how it feels to be in tights all day is key. The DVDs and Resource Book go over many important nutrition topics with meal and snack ideas from leading dancers, but the two topics most frequently asked about are Energy Balance and Protein intake.

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Protein Needs For Dancers

Energy Balance

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