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Forget Fad Diets: Here are 5 dietary strategies that actually work:

The Physician’s Committee for Responsible Medicine: Quality, up to date, nutrition information and good recipes from qualified professionals.

Eating Disorders information and referrals:

Eating Disorder Information and Referral Center

Alsana Eating Disorder Programs:

The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics
Working with a virtual dietitian isn’t always the right fit for everyone.  That’s ok, but make sure you work with a trained nutrition professional. Find a dietitian in your area

Want to change your life and prevent disease?  A well designed, well rounded plant based diet can be a healthy way to enjoy life.  Learn more and get delicious filling recipes.  This film is a must see!

Want to listen to an inspirational podcast?

Want short succinct nutrition videos on any topic?

Want to know the secrets of those who live to be 100 and are still running up hills in their 90s?  The Blue Zones Solution is for you.

Want to know more about protein and the science behind this often misunderstood nutrient from a doctor who is an expert in weight management?

Interested in sustainability and environmental nutrition?  Here are some must see films.

Produced by Leonardo DiCaprio

Food Inc.  The groundbreaking film that started it all.

Did you know that food choices make a tremendous difference in combating climate change?

Child and adolescent nutrition

Need more information about gluten related disorders.  Check out the Book “Gluten Freedom” by Dr. AlessioFasanoMD

Work with a trainer who really understands dancers, virtual sessions available. Can coordinate fitness plan with eating guide created by NGP.

Proteus Fitness aims to make the dance world healthier and more positive by providing affordable and accessible cross training and injury prevention. Proteans are not only physically versatile, strong, and flexible; Proteans are mentally strong and are positive forces in the world.

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